Freedom for Dolphins

They are born free in the oceans but then are imprisoned by humans. Is it fair? "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by
the way its animals are treated"- Mahatma Gandhi.

Wild and Free in the Open Sea

This video portrays the beauty and harmony of cetaceans in their real homes and briefly shows realities of captivity. Wonderful dolphins and whales are born free. The oceans and seas are their sweet home. What moral right do humans have to ruthlessly pull these highly intelligent creatures from their habitat, doom to death those who are entangled in fishing nets, or unable to live in captivity. Survivors become prisoners forced to entertain an audience. They are not born to serve people! They have their own life and their own purpose on this planet. They do not deserve violence. The people who are involved in the capture and enslavement of these animals may not answer to authorities, but that doesn’t mean these deeds will go unpunished. Many former trainers, former hunters and former audiences have become active defenders of these animals and nature, because they have awakened to a new awareness. Now, it’s your turn!


Dolphins of Ten Thousand Islands (Southwest Florida)

We have been visiting Ten Thousand Islands (off the coast of Southwest Florida) for two years and always, without exception, meet with dolphins there. Watching dolphins in the wild is a great pleasure and joy!


Russian Kids Speak Out For Dolphins

After visiting a traveling dolphinarium, Veronika, a third-grade student from the Russian city of Tyumen, decided to learn more about dolphins in captivity and what their life is like. Most people don’t know about the “actors’” life in traveling dolphinariums and are unaware of all suffering animals go through to please an audience. The more Veronika learned about it, the more she wanted to make people aware of this issue and the pain dolphins go through. That’s how this project was started and Veronika’s mother and classmates joined in. Let’s help share this short but powerful video where kids talk about their dreams of a society with no violence and slavery and send a message that dolphins’ freedom depends on each of us!


Living Like Lolita – Bathtub Challenge

Danielle Daals is living in a bathtub outside of Miami Seaquarium to raise awareness for a killer whale named Lolita. For the past 45 years, a 22-foot-long ‪killer whale named ‪Lolita‬ has spent her life living in the smallest whale tank in North America.
Danielle Daals is living like Lolita by being in the bathtub in front of the Miami Seaquarium from February 14 until March 14, 2016. Lolita is forced to perform two shows daily, seven days a week, 365 days a year. How she feels about it? We can’t ask her – language barrier… Danielle is trying to imagine Lolita’s feelings.


Sea of Dolphin Tears. Whaling (Grindadráp, Grind) in the Faroe Islands

Have you ever seen the Dolphin tears?
The majority of the Faroese consider the whale meat an important part of their food culture and history. Whale drives (Grindadráp, Grind) in the Faroe Islands take place to provide food, and not an annual festival or ritual, as is often wrongly claimed. The driving, beaching, killing and distribution of pilot whales are regulated by local authorities. Killing of any animal for food or other needs, if there is no starvation threat, is not okay. Many people choose to go vegan precisely because of the moral reasoning, because animals are like us, they feel emotions, pain, love, betrayal… They have families and complex relationships. If hunters managed to kill some whales, there is always a chance to kill the whole pod of whales, since pilot whales have an extreme social cohesion and rush to help each other. Just think about it….


Tilikum’s Song / The orca named Tilikum (December 1981- January 6,2017)

We’re trapped away, but on display
And it’s all done for your pleasure.
We do the tricks that make us sick
To build up human treasure.

We’ve no idea why you’d cage us here
When we are much like you.
Intelligent, Loving, and Strong.
With patience toward our jailers
That’s been tried for decades long.

Trapped away, but hopeful one day
Humans will take stock to say:
No more display, and No to the Treasure
Orca, Your Freedom is Our Pleasure.


Navy Dolphins / The Innocents of War

The U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program uses kidnapped defenseless dolphins like rebel groups abuse child soldiers in Africa.
U.S. Navy finally admits that Navy Marine Mammal Program are obsolete. 100+ dolphins and 40+ Sea Lions deserve Honorable Discharge to far more adequate sanctuary settings than the boxes of boredom in San Diego (California), Bangor (Washington), Kings Bay (Georgia) Dolphin Gitmo holding cells.


Paddle Boarding with Dolphins

Dear friends, we want to share with you how we, in Florida, spend the weekends. We passionately love dolphins and being with them in the wild is an invaluable experience. We feel happy!


Dolphins Love the Sea #Moskvarium

I fell in love with the dolphins after visiting a Dolphinarium and I wanted to learn more about them. I could see that they are not happy in their concrete tanks. I thought that they are smiling, but it’s just a shape of dolphin’s mouth. Dolphins cannot hunt in a dolphinarium and must get food from a trainer, but only if they do tricks and are well-behaved in the eyes of the trainer. The dolphins miss their mothers and families, because they were separated from their pod when they were captured. If I visit an Oceanarium, it means I am supporting those people who take away their freedom.
Now, I have a dream – to see the dolphins happy. Instead of visiting a captive facility, I will go to the ocean to watch wild dolphins where they are having fun with their families. I’m also watching movies and documentaries about wild dolphins and their wonderful ways!
Dolphins love the sea…and I love it when I see dolphins at home in the sea!


The Fate of Beluga Whales in Russian Traveling Dolphinariums

This short video tells the stories of several beluga whales – Storm and Still (Calm), Afrodita and Odyssey and Tom and Una. All of these whales had been captured from the wild and then were being held in traveling dolphinariums in Russia. Despite all efforts of Social movement “Save Dolphins”, Still (Calm) died in August 2016 and Storm died in October 2016. We are fighting for Afrodita, Odyssey, Tom and Una now. All four of them are young and can be rehabilitated. For now, we are trying to raise awareness using petitions.


Lisa Speaks Out Against Captivity


Dolphins Don’t Belong in Captivity!


Stop Russian TV-show with Dolphins


Maya Wants All Dolphins Set Free


Killer Whale Lolita (Tokitae)


Living Like Lolita – Bathtub Challenge


Dolphin Committed Suicide


Right Way to Interact with Dolphins


Forgive Us, Dear Dolphins!


Miami SeaQuarium Protest


Let the Girl Go: Free Lolita


World Love for Dolphins Day


Protest at Miami SeaPrison


DEMO at the Home of Miami SeaQuarium Curator